StageConsole TODO list

updated May 28, 2007

Comments / Suggestions / Improvements / Bug reports / etc. are welcome/encouraged: Glenn Meader

General Comments

Feature Requests

  1. MIDI control: would be good to have a midi trigger that could run cues. I plan to Support MIDI control surfaces such as the Behringer BCF2000 that have faders, encoders and buttons. These will be assignable to on-screen faders, masters, buttons, etc.
  2. remember the scene that was live when shutdown and restore that when it restarts.
  3. insert a cue by eg. right clicking on the cue below or above.
  4. make the "Back" button a true backward step by reloading cues off the stack in reverse, instead of only going back to the immediately previous cue. I would also make it possible to fade backwards rather than cut so that you don't end up switching big lights to 100% suddenly. Perhaps just a fixed delay of 1 second would suffice when going backwards - it would only be used for rehearsals.
  5. effects stack and effects console - I bet that's on your list anyway!
  6. error checking in the dialogs where you can enter cue numbers.
  7. Option Explicit… (mostly implemented)
  8. make all text fields into labels with right-ckick to change them - will prevent interference with keyboard commands (mostly implemented)
  9. allow entering/storing 0 to 255 dmx levels instead of percentages
  10. option to have a single scene of faders. -I'd like to sometimes only see the 'A set' of faders, and use row B as more space for A. A would then show the current cue only, and the changes that are happening while changing to the next cue.
  11. global bump toggle feature.
  12. in softpatch, see things both ways, what software channel is patched to what dimmers, and the opposite. Sometimes it's easier to see things both ways. I also like to be able to assign dimmers to more than one channel with a 'higher takes precedence' option. Kind of like sub-mastering on an audio board.
  13. print off the cue list you can i) have the option for landscape as my entire board could not fit on the paper, (DONE)
  14. you could have the option to select which printer to print to. (DONE)
  15. chases and record different steps of chases in the same way you record cues and maybe some options for the chases such as a speed slider to change the speed of the chase for when you run them.
  16. the DMX output window needs a scroll bar if the number of channels is too large.
  17. Tabbed paging for faders.
  18. a couple of effect buttons that are also assignable. I was just using a fog machine, and I often use a strobe as well. I've even used blacklights before, so maybe a few would be good.
  19. Also, the option to set channel bump buttons to 'toggle' mode. Globally for all normal channels, independent control for EFX buttons.
  20. Formatting of the cue list. I know what a pain it is to change a format once you've started, but it's a little difficult to line up channel names with the levels because of the cue numbers and fade rates taking the left to columns. Put in two blanks before you start the channel number/names so that the columns align properly.
  21. If you could setup some method to shift from cell to cell in cue list (other than with mouse- - arrow key maybe? - - make it so it can be opened in excel?) Thus it would be easier to modify the values across the board – and of course savable after doing so. I have been having problems going through the line. (DONE in v1.6.12)
  22. Make the cue name box in Cue Window resizable – might be easier sometimes to have it smaller (or larger)
  23. Put a floating fader name bar at the top of the faders in the Cue Window – make that name-bar correspond with the names assigned at the top of each fader in the Fader Window
  24. Make the individual name boxes for each fader in the Fader Window resizable or at least able to handle 3 lines (maybe vertical type?) (the lower number bar is good enough to I.D. the fader I think.
  25. The ability to close a program (with save option) would be nice…
  26. A Basic read only template that once set-up would not allow changes (password?) so that a blank –or basic setup – would be available for a new show when it comes in. I.E. - basic washes, preshow, curtain warmers, lobby flash, house to ½ , podium, conductor special, pipe organ, tinker bell, crock lights, work lights, etc… I can add a “New Show” menu item that would always create a new show using “default.shw” and would ask you for a new file name.
  27. Make DMX output window optionally show Fader channel levels or actual DMX output levels and with numbers or bar graph.
  28. I cannot get the output window to go out to more than 64 channels. The hex numbers do indicate, but the bar graphs do not show for channels beyond 64.
  29. If I minimize a window, it does not restore when I try to restore. It will will give me a full screen, but not the size that it was.
  30. Is it possible to setup two control panels? What I would like to try and do is establish two different fades at the same time. Example: cue1 fade to cue2 is 999 count fade for a sunset, While cues 10,11,12,13, 14 ... are running in the foreground with the plays action. While you can build the fade into the other cues I would like to let the background cue run without interruption.
  31. After I had another file start giving me input past end errors, I did a little checking and discovered that one of the cue "scene name" fields had either a "/" or a "\" in it. Once I edited that out, the file worked fine. Might want to work a character filter into the value changed or another event to make sure that unfriendly characters are not being imbedded into the file 5/29/07..