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miniStageConsole for Macintosh OSX

A simple 24 channel memory light board with unlimited cue memory and manual or auto timed cross fades. It includes a command-line keyboard interface that uses commands similar to popular lighting consoles (ETC Express). This software is designed for conventional theatrical lighting. It works in a way that is easy to understand for a person who does theatrical lighting. It does not have features for moving lights, fancy chasing and nightclub-style control.

This software supports MIDI input so that you may optionally use a MIDI control surface such as the Korg nanoKONTROL ($59) or Behringer BCF2000 ($179) to move faders and press buttons, or use show control programs such as QLab to command miniStageConsole. Please let me know how this works for you. Info on how to use msc with QLab (PDF) (HTML - no pictures)

I wrote this software in RealBasic. The cues for a show are stored in a simple text file that you can edit with a text editor and print out. I intend to post updates periodically. Works only with the Enttec USB DMX Pro ($135) for greater reliability and smoother operation. Now also works with Durand Interstellar 4201-B.

You must download and install the VCP driver for the Enttec USB DMX Pro to work on your Mac. It must be the VCP (virtual COM serial port) driver, not the D2XX driver.
Get the driver here:

Versions now avaliable for Mac OSX i386, PowerPC, Windows & Linux.

I have found the miniStageConsole to be by far the easiest to use software console for Mac -- Ron Rocco

This software is awesome, it's the only one that works exactly as advertised.I'm sending you a donation. I'm using the nanoKontrol from Korg -- it works wonderfully so far. Thank you for mapping every button. Others I have tried only mapped submaster faders and that isn't really enough. -- L Krauss

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If you have trouble getting miniStageConsole to work, please test your installation of your Enttec DMX interface using the example software downloadable from the website. For Windows, download: DMXUSBPro Utility (Users suggest you upgrade the firmware on this device...)

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