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miniStageConsole for Windows

A simple 24 channel memory light board with unlimited cue memory and manual or auto timed cross fades. It includes a command-line keyboard interface that uses commands similar to popular lighting consoles (ETC Express). This software is designed for conventional theatrical lighting. It works in a way that is easy to understand for a person who does theatrical lighting. It does not have features for moving lights, fancy chasing and nightclub-style control.

Now both Mac and Windows versions include MIDI input support. You may optionally use a MIDI control surface such as the Korg nanoKONTROL ($59) or Behringer BCF2000 ($179) or show control programs to run miniStageConsole. Please let me know how this works for you.

I wrote this software in RealBasic The cues for a show are stored in a simple text file that you can edit with a text editor and print out. I intend to post updates periodically. Works only with the Enttec USB DMX Pro for greater reliability and smoother operation. Now also works with Durand Interstellar 4201-B.

Versions now avaliable for Mac OSX, Windows & Linux.

This software is awesome, it's the only one that works exactly as advertised.I'm sending you a donation. I'm using the nanoKontrol from Korg -- it works wonderfully so far. Thank you for mapping every button. Others I have tried only mapped submaster faders and that isn't really enough. -- L Krauss

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If you have trouble getting miniStageConsole to work, please test your installation of your Enttec DMX interface using the utility software downloadable from the website. For Windows, download: DMXUSBPro Utility (Users suggest you update teh firmware on this device.)

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