REB1200 for Dummies

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REB1200 Links

updated Sept 24, 2004

A web page that details the step-by-step instructions for idiots like me so that others can take their eBooks from .lit formats and get them on the REB1200 in .imp format.

Copying content stored on a REB1200 to a PC. Extract .imp

RCA REB1200 web page,2588,PI45800,00.html

Creating Personal Content for the REB1200 posted July 1, 2002 by Jeffrey Kraus-yao$1335

Jeffrey Kraus-yao's REB1200 Publisher page with technical info on REB1200. Technical information on the format of SoftBook .imp files (& source code): or or local copy of imp spec

Software to make photo albums for REB1200 from Togoware

Another general info site on REB1200


More E-Book Conversion Tools

Misc. stuff that may come in handy:

The contents of the CD shipped with an REB1100.

REBLibrarian and REBPublisher bundle. reblbpub.exe
Supports 1100 (USB) and Rocket eBook rl20_244eBookLibrarian.exe